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ROLSER captivates New York’s MoMA with its innovative sustainable trolley.

From Pedreguer to MoMA. The New York Museum incorporates a Rolser sustainable trolley. The renowned market leader in shopping trolley sales and a pioneer in innovative solutions that simplify daily life, will be including one of its shopping trolleys into the prestigious selection of products that the Museum of Modern Art offers.

Rolser, the renowned market leader in shopping trolley sales and a pioneer in innovative solutions that simplify daily life, will be including one of its iconic shopping trolleys into the prestigious selection of products offered by the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA). This outstanding acknowledgement not only reflects the excellence and quality of Rolser’s design, but also its firm commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Rolser’s shopping trolley, designed exclusively for MoMA, is the ECO I-MAX 6L model, in an elegant navy blue colour. The museum’s main criterion for selecting a new product is that it should be able to resolve everyday problems, in addition to having an appealing design. In this sense, Rolser provides a tangible example of the company’s aim to blend functionality and style in a harmonious way.

This model has been specifically and carefully designed to meet the needs of New Yorkers with indispensable features such as its 6 wheels, essential for tackling the city’s many flights of stairs, from the subway to people’s front door. It is also an eco-friendly model, as the bag is made from 100% recycled materials such as polyester fibres from PET bottles and recycled cotton fabric, and it provides ample space to carry shopping, take clothes to the laundry or enjoy a picnic outing. Along with this outstanding value, the trolley includes all of Rolser’s signature amenities: folding version for efficient storage, multiple pockets, drawstring closure and an aluminium chassis with hook for attaching smaller capacity bags. This product is currently available in the two New York shops, located in Soho and 53rd Street, as well as on the museum’s website.

The brand’s inclusion in the MoMA marks a significant milestone in Rolser’s journey towards excellence and Corporate Social Responsibility, and the company is proud to be acknowledged not only for design innovation, but also for its positive contribution to the planet. This achievement reinforces the message that sustainability and aesthetics can coexist in harmony. A significant part of Rolser’s DNA is made up by its concern for the environment and sustainability, which have marked its entire evolution, materialising in Think Green, using recyclable materials and adopting manufacturing practices which minimise its environmental impact.

As Mireia Server, CEO of Rolser, points out: “We are delighted that one of our shopping trolleys is at MoMA. This is recognition of Rolser’s vision, merging design, quality, functionality and sustainability. Our products embody the spirit of the well-designed and socially responsible items in MoMA’s collection, and this achievement strengthens our ongoing commitment to providing solutions that are not only practical and stylish, but also environmentally friendly”.

In this way, Rolser continues to set a benchmark in the industry by demonstrating that environmental responsibility can be as cutting-edge as it is functional. The quality, elegant, practical and modern design of Rolser trolleys has not only won over consumers all over the world, but the fact that they are part of culture and art is a unique recognition of their contribution to the field of everyday design.

Furthermore, Rolser’s concern for the environment and sustainability is reflected in its adherence to the Spanish Global Compact Network, promoted by the United Nations, integrating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the company’s management system. This commitment is showcased through acknowledgements, such as the “Eco Choice Award”, obtained at the 2019 edition of the NY NOW specialised trade fair in New York, and the “Red Dot Award”, awarded in 2022 to its Clec Termo Eco 8 Plus model, which has become the first 100% recycled and recyclable shopping trolley on the global market.

In short, Rolser’s vision and leadership drive the company to continue reinventing itself with the highest level of self-demand. Under the new concept “Today’s life made easy”, in absolute symbiosis with MoMA’s requirements, Rolser continues to move forward in search of an easier, healthier and more sustainable world, leading the way in terms of optimising resources, quality materials, design, technology and safety.

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