50th Anniversary Rolser.

Gift from the Rolser workers to the Family Server.



In celebration of the 50 Anniversary of Rolser on July 1, 2016 with 700 guests in; Workers, retirees, friends, family, suppliers, distributors from all over the world, etc ..., the workers and retirees of the company wanted to surprise them with this video and the delivery of a picture with reference to this very special date.

This gift was to thank the Family Server all these years working together, as well as all the gestures of affection that make us feel.






Be a lover.

Be passioante, seductive, loving... Be whatever your heart demands at each moment and in each situation but, make sure you leave your mark on everything you do.

Be calm and impulsive, elegant and risky. Be coherent and contradictory but, make sure you love what you do.






Be natural

Natural is liked and convincing. A gaze devoid of perjudice, design free from artifices and naked materials, in respectful harmony with its surroundings.

Ecomaku and you, an ideal couple by nature.obstacle when you have the right attitude and strength. And when strength. And when strength is scarce, we can always turn to our ingenuity. Ah! And don't forget, above all else, to do it in style...the Rolser Style.