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Rolser, presents a story about love.

In all its forms and expressions. Love for family, partners, friends, those who are there and those who are missed. But also love for nature, for our planet and for caring for what surrounds us.

A journey through the people from the village, the city and the world with a common thread that runs through them. The Rolser 8 Plus accompanies them, helps them, and symbolises the commitment of a new and not so new generation with very clear ideas, based on a more sustainable future and saving natural resources. 8 Plus by Rolser is a new trolley made from 100% recycled materials, from the chassis to the bag. Every single element. A declaration of intent in the form of a product that sets the tone for a new, more intelligent, and empathetic way of producing and consuming.

This trolley will be the silent protagonist of a process of learning, discovery, of the relaying values, and of life. Rolser presents a story about people who love. Who share. Who laugh. Who cry. Who feel. That are supportive and generous.

Rolser, rolling with you.





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Welcome to our great little revolution. ROLSER KIDS.