It’s so new and different that we don’t know where to start telling you about it. Maybe by what is most evident. It’s clear to see: a design that breaks away from our conventional lines to focus on its large load capacity.
Basket allows transporting larger loads in a simple and convenient way, with 10 handle positions that make it 100% ergonomic, adaptable to each person and height. Its robustness and stability contrasts with its lightness thanks to the latest generation materials and its 4 wheels (the two front ones with 360º travel). The footrest it has been fitted with also makes it possible to easily overcome steps, obstacles, or different heights with a single support.


Basket by Rolser hides as many accessories as you could need to get the most out of it: Multiple interior and exterior zipped pockets, exterior hook for hanging bags (clothes, umbrella or whatever you are carrying…), flap to protect goods (or products), bottom basket for small items. A host of new products to take the weight off your daily routine.

Basket 4B is a model designed for large loads, but also designed for easy storage with various folding options. Some of its parts can be disassembled so that it takes up minimum space when not in use. It comes with a Polar fleece bag in attractive blue, khaki, or black.