I-Max Chiara

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Chiara, of Italian origin and derived from Latin, with the meaning of “bright, clear and illustrious”.

Pattern inspired by the elegant lines of the city of Rome, with a romantic touch. A classic and timeless fabric.

  • Available in fixed chassis: 2, 4 y 6
  • Available in folding chassis: 2L, 4L, 4LT, 6L y 2LRSG
  • Folding base
  • Front support
  • Capacity: 43L
  • Foldable, takes up minimal space.

It's also loaded with accessories.

The I-MAX bag comes in backpack format, with double inside pocket, drawstring closure, eyelet on the flap, zippered back pocket and easily adapts to the chassis with a flap.

Available in folding chassis;

2L, 4L, 4LT 6L y 2LRSG.