It’s been almost a decade since we launched the Ecomaku, the first shopping trolley with a clearly sustainable vocation thanks to its materials and manufacturing processes, all of which are environmentally responsible.

And since then it became clear that style and environmental awareness should always go hand in hand.

10 years later, at Rolser we continue to be strongly focused on environmental awareness and we want this to be a part of your everyday.





This is a tribute to our origins. Using 100% natural fabric, created from recycled materials and inspired by the manufacturing tradition of the southern Mediterranean latitudes.

Aside from its marked ecological character, it comes with all the extras and convenient features of our trolleys: rigid and folding version, multiple pockets, drawstring closure and the practical backpack format.





True to its principles.

The natural heir of the Ecomaku. And in this one, the term “Natural” obviously has a second meaning. ECOIMAX comes with the essence of Ecomaku, contributing its greater versatility and surprising capacity.

Lightweight yet robust and with the attractiveness of the colours provided by the recycling process of its materials: granite, tangerine, navy and coal.






A nice rack, perfect fit, comfortable yet close-fitting, cutting a distinguished figure...

And in its materials: quality, feel and sustainability thanks to its bag made from 100% recycled fabrics.

This is the new Tailor with a vast essential wardrobe: available in folding and rigid chassis and with a myriad of pockets, zips... And also with the impeccable presence provided by the I-MAX bag.

A trolley tailored to you, or maybe you are tailored to it.

How long has it been since you looked so elegant?





Yes. That “Black” touch makes it irresistible.

You’ll have a tough time understanding why you are so attracted to their finishes: Because of their elegance? Because of their sporty & casual aspect?

Our coolest trolley gets serious, or just the opposite. We’ll never know how to define the COM 8. We only know that with each new evolution, it becomes more interesting.





The centre of all the attention

A new step for a trolley that took our products catalogue by storm. Now in BMIK version, with its exterior side pockets as the main novelty and available in a wide range of chassis.

Also at your fingertips in its JET version with 2 wheels, the most refreshing and simple proposal for your small everyday loads.






One of our more corporate designs becomes more resistant and reusable than ever before, leaving no room for imagination.

Crystal is a reflection of the Rolser philosophy: maximum versatility thanks to its multiple pockets, and solutions tailored to each need, available in all current chassi formats.

What you see is what we are. Because being transparent means you feel proud of yourself.





So beautiful... And so cool!

Here you have an ally to ensure your shopping or picnic outings reach their final destination with the freshness that they deserve.

IGLOO is a new completely Thermos model, with back pocket with zip, available in Dos+2 and Convert RG chassis, to overcome any obstacles in your way.





Minimalist Exoticism

The tendency towards what is natural. Pure. That is NITT. Sobriety and elegance in 3 versions: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

And now in its latest pocket version, with BABY NITT: minimalist, extremely beautiful and so small. You can’t deny its quite appealing...






The ambiances in which you move eventually become part of your character, your look and your expression. Cover your spaces with a desire to be liked, you now have a new ally in colours, blue and coral, that will dazzle all who pass by. Pure urban beauty ready to take the street. It’s time to choose.





Warmth and versatility

If you want it all, you want a SAHARA. A new model where the functionality and wide range of versions takes centre stage, so you can choose the one that best suits your use. SAHARA CLASSIC, SAHARA I-BAG for those who never have enough space and SAHARA IMAX, with full capacity and the widest range of accessories. 3 different versions with a common design, one that is simple and elegant.






100% vegan fabrics, the lightness and comfort typical of this material and in a range of colours you’ll love: mustard, rose and black.

The new Shopping Bags are a real declaration of principles. And if they are also yours, don’t just share them, show them off!





More than a Shopping, an attitude!

One of our trolleys with most attitude couldn’t be left without its alter ego in the form of a shopping bag. Showing off your passion and style is now also possible for you lighter outings.

The new Shopping Bag features a practical inside pocket, and of course, the characteristic Rock finish in its pattern. Same attractive, same attitude, but now, hanging over your shoulder.





Robustness and Firmness

No doubt qualities worthy of its Scottish name. The new Scottish is pure simplicity designed to cope with any load and overcome every obstacle thanks to its configurations in Dos + 2 and Convert RG.

Available in 2 versions, DLM 2500, with a large front pocket and in DENIM fabric, both with the characteristic pattern of “kilt” inspiration and in black and blue colour options.