But in the end, what we are sure of is that LOGIC RD6 has become one of most versatile and comprehensive chassis we have manufactured to date.

Its 6 wheels and its surprising lightness enables it to overcome any obstacle with little effort. But it also comes with some of the best features from its “sister” chassis: A hook for coupling to the supermarket trolley, a pocket at the back, double-folding for improved transport, and the possibility of removing the wheels with a single click, for even more convenient storage.


Hook for supermarket trolley

Zip pocket

Removable wheels

Double-folding system.

As said, we’re not sure how to define it, but it’s the closest we have seen to an “All-in-one” in shopping trolleys.

Dare to limit it !








This is probably the most advanced chassis available on the market.
Due to its design, quality and innovative materials. And because
you'll only need to glance at it once to fall in love with its attractive shape.
Can you imagine feeling the future in the palm of your hand?


Robustness and Lightness, come hand in hand.

Never before has a shopping trolley chassis
been so resistant yet lightweight.
A combination which allows for easy
transport and great range of uses,
without worrying about the load.

One last tip:

Remember where

you left it...

...Because right there, in that little corner, in the smallest
imaginable space, is where you will keep your new 8 by Rolser.
Its minimalist design will allow you to reinvent the concept
of folding in just a few simple steps.